Where To Start When Marketing Your Jewellery Brand

Marketing fine jewellery can be difficult because of how expensive it is. If you are a costume jewellery brand then that would be a lot easier however, with fine jewellery, the cost makes customers consider their purchase. Nonetheless, there are some steps to take when marketing jewellery.

Digital marketing is expensive and if you spend it in the wrong place, you could be wasting a lot of money. Here, we will take you through why a jewellery brand will need digital marketing as well as where to start.

Why Does A Jewellery Brand Need Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is essential in today’s age because we are so reliant on technology to find and buy products. Furthermore, if you wish to compete against competitors, we advise you to invest money in digital marketing.

A digital marketing plan is a big part of your company being successful. You need a niche that people are interested in or, you offer something different compared to other digital marketing companies. Market why you are different to everybody else and then you will soon see people are interested in your product.

If you don’t have a marketing plan in place, there is very little chance your business will be successful. Furthermore, a marketing plan isn’t just for the next few weeks or the next couple of months. It is there to help you with short-term and long-term plans.

Have A Website

Firstly, before you start doing anything, you need a website. It will be the front of your shop in the digital world. It is where people will be able to contact you, view the different jewellery pieces you have and be the place where they can buy the product. The website is there to educate the user on what they are viewing, including learning more about your brand.

Your website doesn’t need to be too complex either. It just needs to be easy to use for the easy. They should be able to navigate easily through the different categories and easily purchase a product. The final point to make is the more complex your website is, the more it will cost to ensure it isn’t too complicated.

Optimise It For SEO

Once you have the foundations built for your website, you need to have separate categories for different products. For example, if your jewellery brand specialises in antique engagement rings, we advise you to make different categories for different gemstones or even different eras.

When it comes to SEO, the more categories you have, the more traffic you can attract to your website. The more traffic you have, the more money you potentially make. However, you need to ensure that those pages are optimised for relevant keywords. If you are targeting antique diamond rings but the page shows ruby rings, you are reaching out to relevant users, resulting in a low conversion rate.

To Conclude

There are many things you need to consider once your company is up and running however, a digital marketing plan should be set in stone early. You need to ensure you are reaching the right audience for your jewellery brand or else you will not generate any money.