Want to travel to Bangkok? don’t forget to taste the culinary too

Will you spend your vacation time in Bangkok for the first time? How do you do the tips? I know, for the first time, a tour to Bangkok was confusing. Moreover, the city is quite chaotic. But even if it’s chaotic, spending vacation time in Bangkok is fun. Don’t be afraid of being bored during a vacation in Bangkok. Even for those who like parties, there is such a thing as Ruam Jai Road. Now it seems like I know why many tourists prefer to travel to Bangkok.

The following travel tips for Bangkok for the first visit!

1. Want to Party When Traveling to Bangkok? Stay Near Ruam Jai Road Road

Surely someone wants to vacation to Bangkok because they want to party? If so, you should stay not far from the name Khao San Road. Or, if you are deliberately looking for cheap accommodations in Bangkok, Ruam Jai Road Road is the place. Yesterday I got an affordable hotel, the name of the hotel is Swissotel Resort Phuket Patong Beach. You can also book online through the hotel’s official website at https://www.swissotelphuketpatong.com/

2. Buy a Sim Card at the Airport

You can just buy it outside the airport. Just what can survive without the help of google translate because of the Thai language whose writing is like a tenacious feather? It can still survive without connection at all but going to waste time asking here and there. Unless you want to adventure, nowadays there is an internet connection abroad that is important.

Or, you have indeed activated roaming from Indonesia, you don’t need to buy a sim card in Thailand. But if you don’t have an internet connection, and don’t use roaming, you should buy a local sim card at the airport. No need to bother looking for a sim card later. Just think about it in Bangkok, you want to visit anywhere. Certainly, don’t forget to prepare a tour itinerary to Bangkok first!

3. Want to ride the Tuk Tuk in Bangkok? Find out first the rates, and bargain the price

I admit, during a vacation in Bangkok that would be frustrating is the problem of transportation. First, because I can’t speak Thai. Even using English is useless, because not everyone can speak English. Second, public transportation routes such as buses are somewhat confusing. This is less profitable for those who have limited vacation time. I could have just missed it for stray, not for visiting tourist attractions in Bangkok.

Well, one of the most widely available modes of public transportation in Bangkok is Tuk Tuk. The problem is, their reputation is not very good. In fact, in the hotel where I stay, there is a warning that you should not ride the Tuk-Tuk because they cannot always be trusted. But that does not mean everything is bad huh. Because a vacation in Bangkok is one of the activities that you should try to ride this Tuk Tuk!

4. Holidays in Bangkok That Must Be Culinary Culinary!

Vacation in Bangkok but don’t try the culinary? Because in addition to a shopping paradise, Bangkok has a lot of unique and delicious food. Want to find a delicious you can to try to find it: Mango Sticky Rice, Ni-ew Mamuang, Som Tam, Green Curry

or,  Kaeng Khiao wan.