Tips To Backup Your Dedicated Server

Data loss is a huge issue all around the business world, and it is worrying, at the least! But if you host your website on a dedicated server in Australia, you can get yourself out of this trouble of data loss or theft. This is through backup and disaster recovery!

When you buy a domain name and hosting from the best service providers in the country, you receive various benefits. Dedicated servers are considered to be the best web hosting solution when it comes to security and backup.

Getting your system’s backups done is one of the unsaid rules of the technical and hosting world. It is vital to safeguard your treasure since it is at risk of being lost. Let’s understand a few tips to back up your Australian dedicated server’s data!

Tips To Back Up Your Dedicated Server

● A Reliable Backup Hardware

Choosing the best option of hardware for backup is essential. You will have to invest a substantial amount in these backup tools and hardware of your dedicated server. Processing all server backups is an extremely important task, and managing it is a feat. Include RAID backups using two hard discs.

● Automated Regular Backups

Regular backups are essential, and with technology, it has become possible to automate these periodic backups. By automating these backups, you are safeguarding your data from any kind of manual and human error. It is humanly possible to forget to back up data for a certain period of time, but this can be avoided using automated data backups.

● Transfer Speed of Backups

The transfer speed of your backups is relevant information in this case. Understand that the transfer speed is highly dependent on the geographical location of your local backup hardware. The same goes for the restoration of the data in case of unforeseen circumstances. Quick transfer and quick recovery in case of disaster is a good practice, and it should always be monitored using software tools.

● Utilise Application Backups

Integrating application backups will help you reduce your work while protecting your data. This is possible because most of the software applications come with an option of backup. When you automate and regulate those backups on the application, it becomes a technical task for the software itself. All you have to do is monitor those backups. This makes recovery even easier for dedicated backup servers.

● Strategies, Plan, and Verify

Having a strategy regarding backups and disaster recovery is crucial for your website and dedicated server. Since it determines the safety and security of your website data, it should be done correctly. But only planning and strategising these backups is not enough. Once you have set up all the procedures regarding data backups and disaster recovery, you will have to verify, monitor, assess and analyse the strategy and plan. This will provide you with formative status, and your chances to succeed in case of data loss will reduce.


In conclusion, backups are straightforward when it comes to dedicated servers. You need to know and educate yourself about the resources and tools you require for the backup. Apart from that, strategising your backups is highly important.