The Field of Public Accountant Services is

If classified, the field of public accounting services consists of two types, namely attestation services and non-attestation services.
What are attestation services and non-attestation services? Come on, see the review below.

Attestation Service
Attestation services are all services which include general audit of financial statements, examination of prospective financial statements, examination of pro forma invoice information reporting, and review of financial statements.
In addition to the services already mentioned, there are other attest audit services that can be performed by public accountants.

Non-Attestation Services
On the other hand, non-attestation services are any services related to finance, management, accounting, compilation, consulting, and tax matters.

Public Accountant Duties and Jobdesk
Now, after you know the meaning and field of service of a public accountant, also know the duties of this one profession.
The task of a public accountant is to examine the company’s financial statements that have been made by the company’s accountant.
Specifically, they are tasked with checking whether or not there is an error in the financial statements in accordance with Indonesian financial standards.
In addition to being in charge of checking financial statements, this profession is also tasked with assisting companies in making tax reports to avoid mistakes, such as tax amnesty and invalid annual tax returns.
Public accountants can also help companies pay as little tax as possible, but still comply with tax regulations.
In addition to checking financial statements, this profession is also tasked with checking ownership reports on company assets to avoid asset confiscation.
They are also required to submit information on the company’s financial statements transparently to the public.
If inflation occurs, the public accountant’s job is to provide financial solutions to the company so that the company can make the right decisions.
Public accountants must also provide companies with information on how to allocate limited resources, such as company assets, employees, and business capital.
Types of Public Accountant Services
In addition to having a variety of tasks, public accountants also have a number of types of services offered. So, what are these types? Let’s see the review below.

Accounting or Bookkeeping Services
This type of accountant service serves to assist companies in preparing financial statements, accounting firm hong kong starting from the preparation of general journals, balance sheets, and ledgers.
It aims to make financial statements accurate and the company can be held accountable.
This type of accounting and bookkeeping services has become a common task of a professional public accountant.

Tax Services
In addition to providing accounting services, this profession also helps companies to make tax reports, such as corporate income tax reports and employee income tax reports.

Management Consulting Services
Currently, public accountants also provide management consulting services for companies in need.
This is to make the company’s financial statements better and better audit results.