Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

The biggest challenge that event organizers face when planning a major event is where to get a reliable internet connectivity throughout the event. Research shows that big event organizers for festivals, exhibits, and big conferences fear to risk network failure during an event. In some cases, they also wish to collect marketing data and interact with attendees online in order to get feedback on their products or what the attendees wish for from the company. That is why event wifi is such an important aspect of planning an event.

Trade Show Internet ensures that any potential client gets a service guarantee before the payment or signing of a contract. They also assign an IT manager to a client’s project immediately. It is up to the project manager to determine the most appropriate internet solution for the event. They also deploy the necessary hardware and lease appropriate bandwidth.

Ever wondered why big companies such as Phillips, Github, and Nokia among other big corporates seek internet solutions from Trade Show Internet?  Even social media giant Facebook and big automobile companies including Bosch and Toyota have also sought services from Trade Show Internet during their events.  This shows that Trade Show Internet has the technical capability of providing internet solutions in any major event.


By Skilla