5 Types of Unique Ceramic for Kitchen Wall

Decorate the walls is not always with paint or wallpaper. You can use other materials, for example, wall tiles. Not only can you give a different look to your kitchen, but ceramics on the kitchen wall also have advantages compared to other types of material. One of them is the design available in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures.

You can choose ceramics that suit the atmosphere or impression of your dream room. In addition, wall tiles can provide a different and unique appearance. Here are some inspirations for unique tiles for the kitchen wall.

1. Ceramic Mosaic

This type of ceramics is very famous for its uniqueness. The colors, motifs, and textures have their own characteristics. You can also determine your own motives. The kitchen room will feel more alive and have characteristics like yourself.

Besides the design that can beautify the room, mosaic tiles also have advantages such as easy maintenance. It can be clean by using a cloth to remove dust and stains. Its density is quite high; it tends to be more durable. If you want to install kitchen splashback tiles mosaic with interesting motifs, you can try mosaic splashback from Amber Tiles.

2. Ceramic Chevron Motif

Choosing a ceramic model with patterns or shapes like the chevron gives you freedom of creation. You can create and modify the wall by choosing unique chevron motives. White, gray, or black are neutral colors that can be added in the room with chevron tiles.

3. Natural Stone Ceramics

Well, for those of you who like the natural atmosphere, try to decorate the walls of the house with ceramics made of natural stone. There are many types of natural stone ceramics that you can choose, such as granite or slate. Besides being able to give a more natural impression, ceramics from natural stone can also provide unique and attractive accents on the walls of the house.

4. Marble Ceramics

Show a more luxurious impression by choosing ceramics with marble motifs for the walls of your home. Marble ceramics combined with materials such as gold or silver lamps can give more value to the interior of the house. Formed from natural materials, marble ceramics display different textures and patterns that other types of floors do not have. You can use marble ceramics anywhere, start from the terrace, living room, kitchen, bedroom, or other spaces. Its varied motives can also make you feel free in adjusting it to the room.

5. Art Deco ceramics

The art deco style was very popular in the 1920-1930s. Ceramic models with hexagonal patterns are typical of art deco. it will make the room looks like a work of art. to avoid the impression that is too full and disturbing to the eye, pair this tile with plain colored furniture or white base for the wall.