5 Trade Ideas for 2020 that will Provide Later Income

We live in a very strange year. We started with fires in Australia, the Coronavirus continued, and riots all across the US emerged. An apocalyptic fire broke out in California and the entire economy seems to be struggling.

There are more different tips and trade ideas on the internet. Some are really good, like the one from Retirement Savvy where you can learn some really amazing ideas for trading.

In this article, we’re going to share 5 trade ideas that will get you out of the blue in the year 2020. Read on and learn more about how to become rich in these troubled times!

1. Buy gold

Since the beginning of the age, gold was valuable. In the last few years, gold stocks are only going up. They say it’s always smart to invest in it, but this time it is something you must do if you want to protect your money.

At the moment, the price of gold is high. The good thing is that the price is just going to go up considering everything experts calculate. If you buy it now, be sure that the value won’t drop. It can just go up.

2. Buy real-estate

Just like gold, it’s always smart to invest in real-estate. The buildings never drop in value and if you’re keen to work you can actually earn some really amazing profits. See more on this here.

A lot of people like to flip houses. They invest a particular amount of money in a property, they turn an ordinary house into a mention and sell it for a lot more money. The good thing is that even if you don’t manage to sell it right away, you can be sure that over time nothing will destroy your investment.

3. Start day-trading

Day trading is for those who want everything now. You can do it even with small amounts unlike the ones above that require more money.

The day trading has strategies and tactics that can either make you really rich in just a day or make you lose a fortune. That’s why you need to be highly skilled in this and be aware that you may lose or win a significant amount within minutes.

If you don’t like the intensity and the possibility of loss, then you might need to try something else instead. Like the previous two ideas that are safer options.

4. Trade at Forex

Experts say that Forex is on the lowest point in the last 5 years. For those that are not aware, FOREX stands for Foreign Exchange Market. It is the place where professionals trade currencies.

At the moment, the US dollar is at its lowest point in years. The predictions are that after the presidential elections in November, then the dollar will go back to its original value. In other words, it is smart to invest your money in buying dollars now and selling them after the elections when their value will be higher.

5. Invest in AI stocks

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. In the year 2020, we learned that people can live alienated and maintain social distance without anything interfere with their lives. Robots driven by AI are doing all the work and we benefit from their convenience.

In the future, the AI companies and startups who are rising daily, are going to provide even more work for humanity all around the globe. Investing in them, or better said, in their stocks, can only be beneficial for you. Learn more details about artificial intelligence here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_intelligence.

AI stocks are going to rise in the future without a doubt. The only concern is to learn and predict which company is going to grow and which one is not going to have too much success.


These 5 tips are the core of every future investor. If you want to invest your savings in something, then these 5 ideas are the basic you should have in mind.

Unlike previous years, this 2020 is something else. You should be paying attention to more detail and have in mind things that didn’t matter before. The points we mentioned above should be just enough for you to understand what your options are.