Know-how And Art: Engineering The Longer Term

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His studio has been destroyed, his passport confiscated, and he himself was also arrested. Yet, that by no means stopped him from making significant artworks commenting on human rights and democracy in addition to brazenly criticising the Chinese Government. His brilliant artwork, “Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn”, the place the artist smashed two treasured artifacts from the Han Dynasty, shocked the art world. And when you liked this story,join the weekly features e-newsletter, referred to as The Essential List.

Now House Republicans find themselves unable to coalesce round Mr. Jordan, the uncompromising nominee to replace him. Mainstream lawmakers — often the ones trying to cut deals and reach consensus — have refused to countenance the prospect of Mr. Jordan ascending to the job second in line to the presidency. The first institutional art assortment for the city of Dubai – an initiative of Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, run …