Watching your favourite shows has never been easier! With numerous online platforms available, providing users content that users can watch using the internet, it has become convenient to watch your favourite shows anytime, anywhere. 

However, with numerous options available for the OTT platforms, it has become complicated for the audiences to choose which one is the best. Every platform has something unique to offer, and they lure their customers by giving them lucrative offers, which are usually a trap, and customers end up spending money and getting nothing out of that money.

It is not the case with all the platforms. However, there is an OTT platform, which genuinely cares for its customers. It provides them with unlimited access to its original content. It has endless content on its platform. The application has a wonderful user interface, and it provides users with an outstanding user experience. You must be wondering which application can provide such an experience? The answer to your question is simple! It is the YuppTv application that has it all!

YuppTV is the biggest provider of South Asian content to countries worldwide. It has more than 250 channels, and 100+ television shows that one can enjoy anytime. It also enables users to watch movies from a collection of 5000+ movies in its database. The users can also order their favourite movies on demand. It has its content in 14 different languages. The platform enables users to watch Live Tv and also give them an option of Catch Up Tv. The application has a user rating of 4.0 and can be downloaded from Appstore and Playstore using Apple or Android products. The application is trusted by 13 million-plus active users.

Recently, YuppTv has signed a contract with ZeeTv. ZeeTv is one of the most viewed channels in India. Zee Tv India provides its users with content in every regional language and has more than 50 channels. The channels are providing content as per the user preferences. Some of the best ZeeTv channels to watch online are:

  • Zee Telugu Tv live 
  • Zee Tv Hindi Online 
  • Zee Tamil Tv Live 
  • zee business live tv 
  • Zee Cinema
  • Zee Cinemalu
  • Zee Bangla
  • Zee Marathi
  • Zee Yupa and many more.

Now people from India living in New Zealand can watch their favourite Telugu TV live using the YuppTv application. They don’t have to miss their favourite shows. Users can view their favourite series live using the YuppTv application. Some of the best Zee Telugu TV shows available on YuppTV are:

  1. Hitler Gari Pellam: The show has an interesting storyline and a wonderful star cast. The show will keep you transfixed to your television sets. The story is of a guy named Hitler and his wife Bhanumati. The story gives an interesting insight into their life which is full of fun and climax. The show is telecasted from Monday to Saturday. It is live at 6:00 pm.
  2. Krishna Tulasi: The story is about breaking the orthodox of dark skin discrimination in society. A young and talented girl named Shyama is determined to achieve the best in her life. However, she faces discrimination from society, but she is determined and ready to achieve the best in her life.
  3. Radhamma Kuthuru: The story of a single mother who fights against all odds to provide her daughter with the best life possible. The daughter appreciates the efforts of her mother. She is determined to return the favour by making sure that her mother gets everything that she has sacrificed in the process of giving the best upbringing to her daughter.
  4. Naga Bhairavi: The story is of supernatural origin where two lovers are connected with the cobras in a temple. The series has an amazing star cast. Their acting is outstanding! The show is a must-watch and has the greatest TRP, which is increasing constantly every day.
  5. No. 1 Kodalu: The story of the sacrifice of a girl. She leaves her dreams behind to take care of her mentally unstable sister.